What is Edo Gallery, what are we about?

  • We are dealers of authentic fine Japanese woodblock prints: ukiyo-e, shin hanga, and sosaku hanga prints. All of the prints listed on our website, e-Bay, and Instagram accounts are owned by the gallery and available for sale.

  • We have a large collection of prints not offered on our website. Please let us know if you have specific requests for artists or works and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

  • Prints may be purchased directly from our website or arranged by telephone and email. Payment is accepted by most major credit cards, Paypal, check, wire transfer, or other electronic forms of payment if prearranged (may include additional fees depending on service).

How do we handle shipping & returns?

  • We ship our prints in handmade Japanese hosho paper for the archival storage of your prints. We are strong supporters of recycling and pack our prints in double-thick recycled cardboard to ensure your prints arrive safely.

  • For shipping prices and locations please refer to our Shipping rates section.

  • We ship to almost any country around the world.

  • Returns are accepted 14 days after receipt with no restocking fee. 30 days after receipt with a 15% restocking fee. We charge this only because many prints on consignment are paid after a 10-14 day period meaning we would have to ask for the money already paid for the print.

  • We ship internationally to all countries except Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, & the North Pole(sorry Santa).

What is the Edo Gallery Guarentee?


We guarantee that when you buy a print from Edo Gallery, it is

#1 an original piece and not a reproduction,

#2 It is described correctly according to artist, and time period, and

#3 the condition is properly cataloged.


To make things even better, we will offer a 110% discount for any print found to be inauthentic, guaranteed for the life of the print.