Artist: Motome Toshihide

Signed: Motome ni ojite Toshihide

Publisher: Akiyama Buemon

Date: Feb 9. 1904

Illustrated: Japan at the dawn of the modern age #64

Format: Oban triptych


14 5/8'' x 9 3/4'' (each sheet) x 3


Fine color, impression and condition. All three sheets are full size with full margins at top and left.


Comment: H. J. M's man of war. Fuji was a modern state of the art 12,000 ton ship built in Britain in 1897 at the Tames Iron works. This is considered to be the masterpiece for triptychs depicting the Sino-Japanese war. Front and back cover for the book "The Sino-Japanese War" by Nathan Chakin 1983.


Toshihide - Naval Engagement at Port Arthur