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Artist: Gosotei Hirosada

Subject: Ogawa Hachizo I ( Onoe Kikugoro III ) as Tenjiku Tokubei

Play: Sangoku daiichi nochi no kusemono at the Kado Theatre in Osaka


Date: 1848, 8th month ( Koka 5 )

Signed: Hirosada

No publisher seal

No artist seal

Format: chuban

Size: 10 1/4'' x 7 1/2''

Condition: Fine color, impression, and condition.


Comment: The actor's beige shirt has been burnished with a coarse piece of silk inserted between the baren and the blank paper, leaving a textured surface in the paper simulating coarse silk ( nunomezuri - fabric printing ), and has then tarnished over the years. Tiny wormhole upper left margin. These deluxe printing techniques indicate that this print is a first edition. During the play, Tokubei learns the secrets of toad sorcery, as indicated by his hand gesture.


Illustrated: Philadelphia Art Museum # 2008-62-243 (81)



Hirosada - Okawa Hashio as Tenjiku Tokubei

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