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Künstler: Elizabeth Keith

Titel: Zwei Hofmusikanten, Korea

Stil: Radierung


14 7/8'' x 20 1/8''


Hervorragender Zustand und Farbe. 

Ausgabe 2/25 einzige bekannte Ausgabe dieses seltenen Drucks.

Illustriert auf Farbtafel VIII in Masters of the Color Print 9 , Elizabeth Keith, The Studio, 1933.

Auch auf einer Farbtafel auf Seite 39 in  Eastern Windows  von Elizabeth Keith, 1928, abgebildet.

Elizabeth Keith - Zwei Hofmusiker, Korea

  • Elizabeth Keith's (30 April 1887 – 1956) work consists of prints depicting Asian life and culture, a fascination she acquired when she traveled to Tokyo at the age of twenty-eight. She remained there for nine years studying the culture and drawing its people, places, and things. In her first year in Japan, she had a small exhibition with caricatures of foreign residents in Tokyo, which she published as a book benefiting the Red Cross entitled Grin and Bear It. She broug