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Yan Qing(Rôshi Ensei), heavily muscled, and covered from the neck down in tattoos, lifts a large piece of wood off of an already defeated opponent. An act of "grace" perhaps, notwithstanding the defeated man's head still pinned under the foot of the "Graceful Roshi Ensei". Perhaps the most infamous, well recognized woodblock design from Kuniyoshi's renowned warrior series, "One Hundred and Eight Heroes of the Suikoden, betsu betsu (one by one)."  

Signed: Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga

Publisher: Kaga-ya Kichiyemon 

Date: 1827


14 1/2'' x 9 3/4''


Fine impression and color, slightly trimmed as usual. 

Kuniyoshi - Roshi Ensei, Suikoden


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