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A thin kimono rests delicately across her thighs as she dries off. The background has been left sort of out of focus or perhaps hazy from the steam of her bath. Caught in a candid moment of tranquility, and personal privacy, the beauty's portrait is captured seemingly without her notice or regard to the audience. 

Titled: Combing her Hair (Shunsen bijin sanshi: Kamisuki

From a series of "Three Beauties" 

Artist: Natori Shunsen

Date: 1928 (Showa 3)

Signed: Shunsen ga, with artist's seal Shunsen

Publisher: Hanken shoyu Watanabe Shozaburo (Copyright ownership Watanabe Shozaburo)

Format: dai oban tate-e; Woodblock printed


 15 1/2'' by 10 1/2'' , 39.4 by 26.8 cm

Yamaguchi, Keizaburo, Natori Shunsen ten (Natori Shunsen Exhibition Catalogue), 1992, p. 74, no. 88

Shunsen - Combing Her Hair


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