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Actor Sawamura Tanosuke III as a Firefighter, "Night's excitement" (Edo no hana yoru no nigiwai) 

Artist: Utagawa Yoshitsuya (1822 - 1866)

Series: Flows of Edo

Publisher: Ebiya Rinnosuke

Date: 1860 (Edo Period) Ansei 7, 9th month

Signed: Icheisai Yooshitsuya ga  (英斎芳艶画)

Censor's seal: Monkey 9 aratame (申九改)


13 1/2 x  9 3/8'' 


Fine impression, color, and condition. The night's sky is filled with splattered reddish brown gofun which has partially tarnished, a deluxe printing technique. We are not able to tell if the faces and hands of the fireman are soiled, or printed to appear they are covered in ash from the fire.  The firefighter's coat is decorated with a snake, likely as an animal protector as well as a standard for the fireman's company. Their thick padded coats were soaked in water prior to fighting fires. 



Yoshitsuya - Night's excitement; firefighter

$3,000.00 Prix original
$2,250.00Prix promotionnel

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