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Thanks for visiting our online Japanese ukiyo-e & woodblock print gallery, NY. We are a privately owned small business est. 1976. Every purchase comes with complementary acid-free Japanese hosho paper, ready for your archival needs. Click for more...


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A Tale of Two Explosions; Morozumi Masakiyo dies twice, ukiyo-e style.

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Edo Gallery is a proud sponsor of the Japanese Art Society of America. Impressions vol.43 part II Available now.

A bit about what we are about

Tiger with the blue etheral eyes. Japanese woodblock print expert Geoffrey Oliver examines the print.

About the gallery

Edo Gallery is a small family-owned and operated small business focused on continuing a long, rich tradition of Japanese woodblock print dealers. We have dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality, reasonably priced Japanese prints to the discerning collector. We are members of the Japanese print dealers association, & JASA (Japanese Art Society of America).

What makes Edo Gallery unique?

Our leading expert, Geoffrey Oliver, has devoted his life to collecting and researching Japanese prints. As a collector, first and foremost, each print we offer has been carefully selected with an experienced eye for nuance and nose for obscure facts which color every print's rich history.


It is essential to keep in mind that many of these works of art have survived for hundreds of years; through various owners & collections, surviving both environmental and man-made catastrophes, as well as natural deterioration from exposure to the sun, climate, and, bookworms. 

Contact the gallery if you wish to make a purchase, inquire about prints, artists, or subjects not listed on our website, and if you have any prints/collections to sell directly to us. 

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