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A dragon approaches Mt. Fuji by Hokusai

The Coming Year of the Dragon, 2024,
A Timeless Symbol of Strength, Wisdom, and Good Fortune From The Floating World of Ukiyo-e  

How can a creature born of pure human imagination, fantasy, and myth dominate the hearts and minds of both Eastern and Western cultures? How this coming year will play out is anyone's guess, with the ongoing war in Ukraine, the unending conflict in the Middle East, the "third opium war", and the 2024 Presidential election here at home, the only certainty we may assume is that mankind has a whole lot hanging in the balance. As an especially auspicious symbol for the times and our chosen theme this year, join us in celebrating the eternal and powerful presence of a mythical creature no man has ever seen, thriving in the netherworld dimensions of our human hearts. Stories of dragons have prevailed in the folklore and oral traditions of both Eastern and Western cultures alike. Their forms generally follow a similar formula, reptilian, and serpentine-- diverging in their abilities such as flying, hoarding gold, and fire-breathing, (qualities unique only to the West). In Eastern lore, dragons became the guardians of the elements, keepers of the balance in nature, whose presence would grace us at pivitoal moments in our lives as benevolent benefactors' affecting the human condition for better or worse. The artisans of the Japanese Edo period were able to harvest the rich fields of human imagination sown from centuries of folklore surrounding the dragon's mythical prowess. They harvested the ripened fields of human imagination and translated into the imagery and artistry of a new "Floating World", and brought it as an artwork accessable to the masses for the first time in their printed artwork known as ukiyo-e.  

Recent Japanese Woodblock Acquisitions for Winter 23'

What are we about...
 A Japanese art gallery with expertise specializing in authentic Japanese woodblock prints and Asian art. Collect with the confidence of a seasoned professional and let us take the guesswork out of the art market. We promise that you will not only walk away with a great woodblock print, but you will also get a crash course on the intricacies and nuance connoisseur collectors use to weigh the value and desirability of a print. You might ask yourself, does condition matter? Well, it could mean the difference between your average run-of-the-mill piece and a truly exceptional print. This knowledge does not come overnight; it's learned from making many expensive mistakes. Of course, each collector has his or her own tastes. Changes in trends and tastes change like the seasons. It is our goal to lessen the guesswork for our collectors. Each of our prints is carefully described giving you an idea of the merits of each print, hopefully, to help you decide which Japanese woodblock print makes the most sense for your collection and money.                                                                                                                                                

Ad from imprerssions magazine features the water color by Ohara Koson
Impressions ad for Geoffrey Oliver featuring a Koson watercolor of an owl perched on a branch in front of the moon

Edo Gallery is a proud sponsor of the Japanese Art Society of America. Impressions vol.43 part II Available now.

our print expert Geoffrey Oliver previews Hiroshige's plum branch print
geoffrey oliver examines the great wave by hokusai at Christies auction preview
Tiger with the blue etheral eyes. Japanese woodblock print expert Geoffrey Oliver examines the print.
Geoffrey and Holden Oliver examine a hawk print by Hokusai at the Christies auction preview 2022
Geoffrey and Shirley the worlds number one print/paper restorationist
Tiger with the blue etheral eyes. Japanese woodblock print expert Geoffrey Oliver examines the print.
A throwback to the "Red Fuji" by Hokusai that we bought in an old antique shop for next to nothing

Our Purpose & History


Edo Gallery offers a modest collection of authentic Japanese woodblock prints for the enthusiast collector. Focused on the continuation and preservation of the rich cultural history, traditions, and excellence of craft inherent in the Japanese woodblock printing tradition started by early ukiyo-e artists.


Ukiyo-e is an early printing technique pioneered and mastered by craftsmen during the Japanese Edo period(1604-1869). The term ukiyo-e comes from a Japanese Edo period pun that translates literally as, "images of the floating world"). The technique proved useful as a way to reproduce an image and quickly arose as an art form accessible to the masses, depicting the fantasy, debauchery, and mundane of day-to-day life lived in the pleasure districts of Japanese metropoli.


Celebrating our forty-ninth year of staying afloat in the floating world, We specialize in ukiyo-e, the Japanese art form of woodblock printing, mastered by artists during the Edo period. We are dedicated to delivering only the highest quality, competitively priced Japanese prints to our discerning collectors. 

What makes Edo Gallery unique?

Our leading expert, Geoffrey Oliver, has devoted his life to collecting and researching Japanese prints. As a collector, first and foremost, each print we offer has been carefully selected with an experienced eye for nuance and a nose for obscure facts that color every print's rich history.

Contact the gallery if you wish to purchase or inquire about our collection of Japanese prints. Remember, no question is a dumb question, so just ask! We offer free appraisals and cash payments for collectors wishing to part with their Japanese woodblock prints. Consignment options are available as well!



Geoffrey Oliver

Gallery Mailbox:
Edo Gallery
770 Aryault Rd #414
Fairport, NY 14450

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