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Direct Sales & Consignment

Why choose us?

We conduct business as equals, with open and honest terms keeping the best interests of both our clients and the gallery in mind. We offer impartial appraisals for works and collections belonging to private individuals, estates, and public or private institutions. If we feel what you have shown us is outside our area of expertise or we feel another dealer may be better suited for the best possible outcome for you, we may refer you to other professionals in the business. After being in business for over 45 years we pride ourselves on the lifelong relationships we have maintained with our clients, collectors, institutions, and dealers alike. If you decide to sell a select work or your entire collection outright to the gallery, payment will be made promptly upon receipt of relevant works.



Please email the following information about your prints:

Images of selected work: The quality of the image is important so make sure to take your photos in good light and when possible please remove any artwork from the frame. Please include images of the front and back as well as any close-ups of seals and signatures when applicable. If you are photographing a collection please select appropriate pieces to photograph and send to us. Feel free to use your smartphone camera. 

Contact Info Do not forget to leave your contact information so we can get back to you. Once your inquiries and photographs have been received, we will get back to you as quickly as we can so be



Once all images and information have been received, Edo Gallery may choose to purchase your work

directly. If this is the case payments will be made immediately through a check, wire transfer, or PayPalOr if you decide to consign your work to us we will come to a mutual agreement that will entail sales price, period of consignment, and sales strategy. Print pricing is subject to market changes as well ongoing trends(such as current tastes, image/artist popularity, condition of the artwork, and subject manner).


We are accepting inquiries of all kinds. Whether you are selling directly to us, have questions about

appraisal, or would like to consign your artwork-reach out to us! 

Edo Gallery


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