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The Whole Shebang, A Fine Collection of Japanese Woodblock Prints.

          A fine selection of authentic Japanese woodblock prints from Edo period ukiyo-e, Meiji reformers, to the new school of printmakers, the shin hanga & sosaku hanga movements. We specialize in acquiring important, rare, & often esoteric prints in fine condition. Let us guide your decision-making with our expertise; with over forty-seven years of knowledge, let us take the guesswork out of collecting for you! 

          The difference between a fine condition woodblock print with a harmonized woodgrain, untrimmed, of the first edition, vis-a-vis a second or third edition, can be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars at auction. Do you know what "pre-earthquake" is in terms of Japanese prints? If the answer is no, you have come to the right place! Let us guide your hand, stand on our shoulders and we promise to make your collection something to be remembered. Let us give you the complete story; a print's journey through time as it is handed down from one collector to a new generation, hung on the wall exposed to light, heavily restored, provenance leading to a famous collector. 

         Our woodblock prints are all original, as accurately described within the bounds of our knowledge and allowance of time, that is, the Edo Gallery promise. Be sure to check out the lifetime guarantee included with every purchase from our gallery. To the many collectors, dealers, and institutions that have kept us afloat in this floating world


Happy hunting!    

~Edo Gallery

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