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Our Complete Collection of Authentic Edo Period Ukiyo-e and Modern Japanese Art

 The "All" page contains hundreds of selected prints we have made available for direct purchase via our website. You may browse our humble collection of authentic Japanese art, specializing in woodblock prints, as well as a few examples of paintings, photos, and lithographs. Our Japanese art listings are available for direct purchase via our payment processing portal, which accepts all major credit cards and digital wallets, such as Google, Alipay, and Apple Pay. Please contact the gallery directly if you wish to make other payment arrangements, such as bank wires, checks, Zelle, and cash. 

From Moronobu to Masanaobu, Hokusai to Hasui, our online catalog contains works of art from every woodblock printing tradition era starting from the mid-17th century with early pre-ukiyo-e examples(primitives) leading up to the golden age of ukiyo-e(Utamaro, Haranobu) and through to the end of the Edo period with the masters of the woodblock(Hokusai, Hiroshige). The late 19th century saw a deterioration in the quality of ukiyo-e produced by woodblock print publishers. The Meiji Restoration (1868) marked the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the beginning of the so-called Meiji period. Our collection continues through the eras with select works from the Meiji period with prints by Yoshitoshi, Chikanobu, and others. And finally, what many call the "Taisho" era(1904-present), or the new schools of Japanese printmakers, the shin hanga and sosaku hanga movements. Led by the genius publisher Watanabe Shozaburo, the shin hanga and sosaku hanga artists sought to restore the diminished glory of the woodblock printing tradition and include some of today's hottest artists such as Hasui, Koson, Shinsui, Goyo, Shotei, and   


Our woodblock prints are all original, 100% authentic, and accurately described within the bounds of our knowledge; this is our promise to our collectors. Every print purchased from the gallery includes our lifetime guarantee of authenticity in addition to a letter of provenance, which details known prior historical owners. To the many collectors, dealers, and institutions that have kept us afloat in this floating world, we thank you.


Happy hunting!    

~Edo Gallery

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