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        Ask about our current collection of fine Japanese woodblock prints available by appointment only via in-person or video conference. Our current woodblock print collection has been put together, "betsu betsu", or literally, one by one, over a forty-six year time span, with the refined eye of our leading print expert, Geoffrey Oliver. The assortment of prints offered by our gallery culminates what a lifetime of collecting art would bring-available now for the first time online. 

       ***   Please keep in mind that our website is still relatively new, and as a consequence, still going through its growing pains. If you have read the previous ''About us'', hats off, for even I could not decipher the bizarre, illegible, somehow rearranged sentences. ***

          A great deal of time is put into researching our Japanese print offerings. This is especially true when we cannot find a print illustrated anywhere. This may lead to two things, the assumption that an unillustrated design is potentially extraordinarily rare, or the opposite, so boring as to have no written record of its existence online and in reference books. The more interesting a print, the deeper the dive into any information regarding a listing-whether it's esoteric details only a lifelong student of Ukiyo-e would recognize, any desirable ownership qualities, or provenance. Provenance can be helpful especially when authenticating 


Our inventory contains examples from every period of printmaking; from the early Edo period, Edo ukiyo-e and the golden age, the Meiji restoration, shin hanga, & finally sosaku hanga prints. If there are specific requests or inquires please direct them to:



With over forty-five years and counting being kept afloat in the floating world, we are tired. Please, no time wasters! 




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We encourage you to contact the gallery for any inquiries you may have especially if you are about to make a purchase. 



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