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    We are open by appointment only if you wish to preview a print(s) in person. We also offer live private viewings via live stream and video conferencing. Edo Gallery's Japanese woodblock collection is a culmination of a lifetime spent dealing and acquiring prints, "betsu betsu", or, one by one, over a forty-six-year period, by the refined eye of our leading print expert, Geoffrey Oliver. 

We aim to give collectors the chance to purchase the finest quality Japanese print at a fair market price. If you wish to make an offer on a print, please do so, as prices are not final. If you have a question, feel free to ask.

     A great deal of time is put into researching our Japanese print offerings. This is especially true when we need help finding an illustrated print. This may lead to the assumption that an unillustrated design is potentially scarce or the opposite, so dull as to have no written record of its existence.                                   

With over forty-five years and counting of being kept afloat in the floating world, we are tired. Please, no time wasters! 

Geoffrey Oliver previewing the great wave by Hokusai
Geoffrey Oliver previewing two plumb branches at Christies, NY


Geoffrey Oliver


Japanese print nerd



Roland Oliver

 DevOps, Sales

part-time blogger


Holden Oliver

 M.A. Asian Art 

Resident Hokusai Expert


Shipping and return address 

Edo Gallery

770 Aryault Rd. Box 414

Fairport, New York 14450

You won't know if your question

is stupid until you ask it and don't get a response.

If you ask again, that's the definition of insanity!

Closeup of a women's face which was repainted and patched
Repair of the damaged women's face
Damaged repair to women's face observed at auction
Geoffrey previewing at CHristies sale in March 2021
One of our prints sold in the online sale at Christies NY
Sharaku Christies Preview at auction
back of the Sharaku
The Edo Gallery mascot "Mr. Bigs" the cat

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My father Geoffrey and myself when I was a child in front of the Red Fuji by Hokusai we found at an antique store
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