Artist: Hilian Miller

Title: Diamond Mountains, Korea

Format: oban

Signed: Hilian Miller, 1928 (in ink bottom right)

Date: 1928


15 3/8'' x 10 3/4''


Fine impression, color, and condition.


Artist and printmaker, Hilian Miller was born in Tokyo in 1895 to a diplomat fatherm Rainsford. Her mother, an English teacher, had come to Japan on a Christian mission. When she was in Japan, she wore Western clothing, often favoring Amelia Earhart-esque ties and mannish blazers. Miller went on to spend much of her adult life in Japan and Korea, the west coast and Hawaii. In the United States she made a name for herself with her woodblock prints, cut with painstaking accuracy in a hyper-traditional Japanese style. 


*Courtesy of, Remembering Lilian Miller the pioneering woodblock artist caught between east and west. by Natasha Frost, 2017


Hilian Miller - Diamond Mountains, Korea