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The Ghost of Kasane.

Artist: Toyokuni III (AKA Kunisada, 1786 - 1864)

Series: Mitate 36 Selected Poems

Date: 1852

Publisher: Iseya Kanekichi

Seals: Hama and Magomi (censor seals), Horitake (engraver)

Signature: Toyokuni ga

Format: Vertical Oban; Japanese woodblock printed; color and ink on paper.


14.25'' x 9.5''


If you look carefully at the ghost of Kasane's eye and pupil, you will see lacquer and glue are involved in the composition. This special printing technique indicates the extra mile printmakers  commonly use for their first-edition printings. 


Very good color, impression, and condition; wood grain visible.


It comes framed with a handmade Japanese-style custom frame; Cherrywood joined without nails, Museum grade 100% UV filtering glass, floated on an acid-free rag board. 



Kunisada - Ghost of Kasane


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