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Artist: Toyohara Chikanobu

Subject: Strolling in Ueno park under electric lights

Format: Oban triptych

Date: c. 1880


14 11/16'' x 9 5/8'' (each sheet) x 3


Fine condition, impression and color. Margins on three sides. Prominent woodgrain. Very minor center crease.


This is an early dicpiction of the newfangled invention called "electric lights". This triptych is not illustrated in the Bruce Coats book on Chikanobu. We believe this design to be the finest work by Chikanobu. Many people believe Chikanobu's woodblock prints to be generally inferior and less desireable to earlier prints and even to many Meiji prints. This print is evidence to the contrary. The nuanced printing is especially fine.

Chikanobu - Strolling in Ueno park under electric lights