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Summer Rain, Beppu Hotspring - Natsusugata (Beppu). A standing bijin adjusting a hairpin in the cool of the evening, signed Hakuho Hirano. 

Artist: Hakuho Hirano (1879-1957)

Signed Hakuho ga, sealed Hirano

Date: 1936

Publisher: Credit given to Watanabe 

Woodblock printed color and ink on paper; Large nagabon format.


Fine condition, color, and impression.

This is a second state without the Watanabe copyright seal. 

Hakuho - Summer Rain, Beppu Hotspring

  • Little is known about the shin hanga artist Hakuho, Hirano. He was born in Kyoto, a self taught ukiyo-e painter who designed a total of six bijin prints for the publisher Watanabe Shozaburo. Four out of the six prints by Hirano capture women in moments of intamacy, arranging hair, with one bijin kneeling nude in front of a mirror. Interestingly, these prints do not show the women's faces.  

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