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Aritst: Konishi Hirosada ( a.k.a. Gosotei Hirosada ), active 1826 - 1863

Subject: Actor holding bow

Actor role: Arashi Rikaku II as Nagatonosuke

Play: Katakiuchi Chikai no Shigarami at the Chikugo Theatre in Osaka

Signed: Hirosada

Date: 1848

Format: Chuban

Size: 10 3/8'' x 7 3/4''


Condition: Fine color, impression, and condition. First edition with specks of abalone shell inlaid on black areas of the bow, tarnished ground.

Illustrated: Philadelphia Museum of Art # 2008-62-243(43), mounted in an album with all four margins trimmed to the black outline with added decorated borders and title slip




Hirosada - Actor holding a bow


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