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Artist: Utamaro I (?) 

Title: A Chinese beauty with her maid

Date: ca. 1790

Format: jugiriban

Size: 8 1/4'' x 4 5/8''


Fine impression & condition, faded. Metal dust printed along the collar of Chinese kimono and her hair ornaments.


The clothing, hair ornaments, and hair styles are all Chinese. Utamaro designed a triptych in 1790 depicting women dressed in Chinese style. It is possible that this surimono was also designed and issued privately in the same year that " The print was probably published to coincide with an embassy from the Ryukyu Islands in 1790. Japanese of the time perceived the Ryukyuans as 'Chinese'. See British Museum # 1909,0618,o.84.1-3 for the triptych.


*We are still researching this print. It appears to be a rare print and to our knowledge appears to be unrecorded in the literature.



Utamaro - A Chinese beauty with her maid


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